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Fri 13 Feb 2009 in Atlanta:
33.7386951, -84.1201339

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These coordinates were less than a mile from Redan Park Disc Golf Course. I'd been to that course many times before, and had taken the bus there on weekends last semester, before it started getting cold. The hashpoint was a few stops after the Redan Park stop, and walking distance from the park. I could ride to the MARTA station, take a train out to Indian Creek station, transfer to a bus, and ride to Redan Park. I'd have time to play a round of disc golf before riding the mile or so to the hashpoint. Then I could take the bus and train back home. It was too good not to go for, and a great chance to get out and golf.


I checked the coordinates around 11:00, but couldn't head out until around 2:30. Nick could not join me, but I did get his camera and the GPS from him before I left. I had some luck with the trains and bus, never having to wait in any station for more than a few minutes. I made it out to Indian Creek a little after 3:00, and the next bus left at 3:15. I started my round of golf by 4:00. Let that launch me into my plug for disc golf.

Watching my shot on hole 15.
Known to most as Frisbee golf or frolf, disc golf is very similar to traditional golf, only disc golf is played with discs instead of balls and clubs. I've been playing for three and a half years and it is a tremendous sport. I like it so much and have had to explain it so much that I actually made a documentary short about it for a school project a couple years ago. It's called Anhyzer, if I got the link right. It runs less than seven minutes and its a good, entertaining introduction to the sport. The course is in Redan Park in Lithonia, and it is one of the top courses in the state of Georgia. I've been to the park every year since 2006, and like I said earlier I've been there a few times since I started college. Unfortunately I haven't been playing lately as much as I would like, but it was really great to be back out on the course. I even shot a 55, which is one over par, but not too shabby considering the course and all of my rust. I took some pictures, and holed out of hole 18 at 5:00. Here's the gallery

Anyways, back to geohashing. It had begun to rain lightly at about hole 15 but it never really progressed and thankfully it wasn't enough to make the roads slick. It was about a mile and a half ride to the hash, which was in some kind of industrial something. There were a bunch of semi truck trailers around and the hashpoint was near the entrance. I took some pictures and all the necessary proof. Then I chalked the nearest bit of parking lot and took a picture of that, too. But then I had a bus to catch. I rode up the road a little ways and got to the bus stop. No sooner had I gotten off my bike and turned around than I saw the bus coming. Score! Same route back to my dorm and I was back before 6:30.

- Chris


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