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Fri 13 Feb 2009 in Mannheim:
49.4542140, 8.6897951

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The hashpoint was near the top of a mountain (at 325 m, with the top being at 327 m) near Dossenheim. I cycled 7 km from Heidelberg and had to deal with heavy snowfall as I walked on hiking trails. The side of the mountain was steep, but I still reached the top relatively easy, though there were no paths leading directly to it. I had to walk 250 m off the trails and came to a spot that seemed to be the highest elevation around. Aerial images indicated that the hashpoint was near a group of cypress trees. Without a GPS I couldn't find the exact point, but everything looked pretty much the same anyway, so I declared a spot near two cypresses to be the hashpoint.

Revisiting my first hashpoint: On the way back, I came by the spot of my first expedition. It was great to see my hashtag still hanging there.