2009-02-05 49 11

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Thu 5 Feb 2009 in Nürnberg, Germany:
49.0123261, 11.9557567

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Near the south-eastern edge of the graticule. Under a tree in Schönhofen, on a patch of rocky, dry grassland of the Franconian Jura.

Tomcat and dawidi[edit]

Dawidi: This hashpoint was rather convenient - Tomcat and I had already agreed to meet that Thursday evening, we just hadn't planned where to meet. After the announcement of the coordinates, in a village 2.5 km from Tomcat's home, we knew where to go. I cycled uphill to Eilsbrunn after work, through a thick, freezing fog, arrived there at 19:15, and we walked through the darkness to Schönhofen. Parts of the track between the villages were covered by slippery ice, but not enough to make this a problem. The way up from the village to the hash was muddy, and arriving at the top, we realized why - a new house was being built there, and the construction machinery had conspired with the thawing to mess up the path.

Getting from the path onto the meadow (or was it a field? hard to tell at night) turned out ot be the difficult part: there was a steep slope of about 1.5m up onto the meadow. We managed to find a point where we could get my bike up, and walked the last 90m to the coordinates, to find they were under the branches of a tree.

We put our LED bike headlights vertically onto the ground next to the tree so they illuminated its branches, and for about an hour, had fun taking pictures with various settings from multiple locations. We did not leave any physical markers or writings.

On the way back, the most problematic part was, of course, getting the bike back down on the path. Other than that, it was a nice, easy walk at night. Not too cold either.

Tomcat earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (49, 11) geohash on 2009-02-05 on foot, travelling a distance of 5,5km.
2009-02-05 49 11 tree very far.jpg