2009-01-31 51 7

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Sat 31 Jan 2009 in 51,7:
51.9971020, 7.2379434

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Arvid went for the closest one this weekend. There was a bit of wind though, that would be headwind on the way to the hash. I planned on some detours to something like hills near the hash, since the hash was only 40km or so, and I want a 100km ride, and I need to practice uphill riding. Oh, the hashpoint was in a field!

The weather was dry. The promised sun was... weak. The wind was cold and 4-5Bft. It was about 2°C.



Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

At 14:00 I left home to get one of them saturday 4pm hashes again. And since this was in a field, and not in some woods, this should work out.

The headwind was cold and annoying. I was slow. At some point I thought "hey, the wind is gone, why am I not going faster?" I was going uphill, not a lot, but enough to reduce my speed to 20km/h. Two hours of this is a lot. I even feared I wouldn't make 4pm at some point, but I just kept going and...

At 16:01 I was in the field where the hash was too. I call that 4pm. I took a pic of the gps with the time before I walked to the hash. I also ate, cause 2 hours of cold headwind makes man HUNGRY.
There was quite some ice in the tracks on the field. I stood on it. Made a picture. It failed and my foot got through it. I made another pic. With some food on it's way inside me I walked into the field and got the exact coordinates and made some more pics. The field was muddy and slippery.

So. It was cold. Would I bother to do the planned hills? Of course! With all this backwind later the ride home should be easy, so I can exhaust myself some more! I came by a monastery and there was a Schalke 04(german football club) bus there. I wonder if the players were there and why.

After I made some pics I was off again at 16:19. I finally arrived home at 19:10. Cycle time was 30 minutes more than last week, which was also 100km.