2009-01-31 42 -89

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Sat 31 Jan 2009 in Rockford:
42.9971020, -89.2379434

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Bill Minser and the Napping Toddler


A return to McFarland (see 2008-12-20 43 -89), only this time we're just south of the line (43 °N) instead of just north of it. The MinserVan scooped me up around 3:30 and we were off. The point was just off of someone's driveway out in the farmland, but almost 500' from the road (they have a long driveway). We drove up the driveway, but thought better of getting out and exploring somebody's yard. GPS indicated we got within 10' of the spot. Close enough?

Afterward we made our way through Lake Kegonsa State Park to Springers, a low-key bar & restaurant on the shore of the lake. There were a few cars parked out front, and a few more snowmobiles parked out back. It was a beautiful day, sunny and above freezing, and the lake was busy. We saw an ice fishing shack being towed out onto the lake, a couple of ATV's, and many snowmobiles. We had some food, and narrowly prevented the toddler's repeated attempts to slide off the high bar stool and run around terrorizing the other patrons. No pie.

A pleasant outing. We also started hatching plans to walk on water the next day.