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Tue 30 Dec 2008 in Mannheim:
49.0457309, 8.2636870

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Part 1 of a two-day expedition.

After the announcement of the 12-30 hashpoint on 12-29 I considered going to Wörth, as the point was just a few 100 m from the train station and looked accessible. But I had a tight schedule on that day and no time for 2 x 1.5 hours train ride, so I abandoned my plans. The next day's evening I saw that the hashpoint for 12-31 would be a mere 4 km from the previous hashpoint, so those two would make for a perfect consecutive expedition, visiting the first one before midnight, and the next as a Midnight Geohash.

Things were complicated by rather cold weather (-6°C at best during the night - I take the Frozen Geohash achievement for that [weather records]), 80% of the way to the second hashpoint and the hashopint itself being in an area without any street light and me having less than 1 hour left to plan and prepare everything and pack my things to catch the last possible train for the expedition.

It was no big challenge to reach the first hashpoint. I took the train to Karlsruhe, from there to Wörth. Then I had to walk 1.4 km along shallowly-illuminated streets to the hashpoint, which was on the edge of a concrete-hard frozen field next to a parking lot.

A few hundred meters further down the road the street lights thinned out. When I passed the last one and left its cone of light, everything went dark.

Part 2.

You can watch a video of both expeditions!