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During the winter holidays, this graticule is officially twinned with Oslo, Norway. If you choose to go hashing in this graticule in the time from December 23 to January 3, you have to bring any of the elements from the Oslo coat of arms (room for creativity there) to celebrate your sister graticule. Oslo hashers should do the same with the North Rhine Westphalia coat of arms (which would probably involve small white horses on red ground).

(Bergen should be fine, too. I just remembered you from the Oslo graticule, Chimera. Sorry. relet)


Fri 26 Dec 2008 in 51,8:
51.9173273, 8.4540813

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  • relet didn't have much time for hashing during the holidays, with Christmas and all. But since this one lay so nicely in reach of Enno, Chimera and since arvid had announced some plans, I decided to leave a greeting card on my way back to Berlin. I really hope one of you folks can make it.
  • Arvid considers the 26-12 hash. Will think that over again after a night of sleep. It's about 125km one-way cycling, but there are a enough opportunities to take a train back home. (Gütersloh, Münster).

Headache that lasts all day ruins the plan. Will go by train(and bring bike for the last 5km) when someone else is going too. 11:00 is very early. I should get the 8:26 train to be in Gütersloh at 11:03. I'm in the IRC channel to make more exact plans. Err, this is with expensive trains. Realistic would be 11:18 in Gütersloh, after getting the 8:26 train in Enschede. I could be there an hour earlier, by cycling half an hour to Gronau first, to get the 7:44 train there.

Relet's Expedition

Having stowed three carpoolers in my car, we left Hamm at 10am. By the time we reached Gütersloh exit, they were all soundly asleep, so I couldn't really ask if they were ok with a short stopover. Also later, I wasn't really able to explain what I was doing, but as I also stopped for gas, they quickly settled for that as a rational explanation.

The hash lay right next to a regional road, on a stubble field, with an easy access path. Easily reached, I left a hash card and took a photo of my stupid grin, with the obligatory Oslo graticule reverence setting (A cd in my right hand). Might have been 10:30 am by then.. I apologize to everyone else for being so early.

We reached Berlin by 2 in the afternoon.




Chimera's Expedition

Explained this Geohashing concept to my aunt, uncle and cousins. My uncle was all for giving it a try, so we drove out in the morning. Parked at a store maybe 100m from the point and walked out into the field, eyeballing our position from the satellite view of the coordinates, since we didn't have a GPS reciever. Well, I guessed at the coordinates and my uncle followed me because he had no idea what was really going on. So it's likely that we were off by a few metres. Took some photos (which will be uloaded later; they're on my laptop and I'm currently using a different computer) and then headed back.

Arrived at the hash at around 10:15, so may have passed relet on the way back. Didn't have any Oslo graticule reverence settings, but I'm from the Bergen graticule now anyway.

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