2008-12-14 50 9

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Sun 14 Dec 2008 in Fulda:
50.0916286, 9.7456885

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Today's location is in the forest between Aschenroth and Wolfsmünster. The next city is Gemünden am Main and yesterday's hashpoint is only 8 km away.



I had to fetch a friend from Frankfurt airport at 22:30, so I started my multihash attempt at 18:30. From the satellite image, Wolfsmünster is nearer to the hashpoint, so I drove there. When I arrived here at 19:15 I found out that the feature visible on google as a straight line from Wolfsmünster to Aschenroth wasn't a track.

So I went around the forest to Aschenroth. The track from Aschenroth towards the hashpoint was good and I could drive much farer than I had thought before I reached the "no motor vehicles past this point" sign. The rest I walked, with cold dirt crunching under my feet. When I reached the correct North coordinates on the track west of the hashpoint I stepped between the trees and walked towards the full moon until I was at the hashpoint. The gimme-the-right-figures-you-stupid-device dance began, my torch helping me avoid running into trees. I got a photo of the correct coordinates much faster than yesterday and returned to the car at 20:10. I was not afraid of raptor attacks because it was a full moon. Raptors might kill you, but if a werewolf just gnaws on your leg you're going to have to live with a furry little problem for the rest of your life.

I continued towards Frankfurt and the 50 8 hashpoint, zooming along the B26 highway through the peacefully moonlit forest. Near Lohr am Main I saw a deer.