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Mon 8 Dec 2008 in Würzburg:
49.7248746, 9.8474359

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Today's location is in a field next to Limbachshof, which belongs to Kleinrinderfeld ("little cattle field"), near Kist, not far from Würzburg. Kist (pronounced like the English "kissed") as in "Würzburg/Kist", famous all over Germany thanks to traffic reports on the radio with the daily "traffic jam of 10/20/30 kilometres on the Autobahn A3 at Würzburg/Kist".



Hooray, a hashpoint in reach! At 11:30 I took my bike and started. Through the city and on the road in the Steinbachtal (stone creek valley) it was easy, then I reached the place from where I wanted to use the forest tracks. "Autobahn underground crossing closed. Use detour" (1). So I followed the detour, but when it took a turn to the east (=wrong direction) I continued on my own through the sunlit forest (3). Soon I reached the Autobahn (4) and followed the dirt track (5) alongside until I reached the underground crossing. It was indeed closed, but not secured (6). On the ground I found a sign indicating "Track closed on Sunday. Beware of the hunt. Mortal danger" (7). While I pondered that this might mean "not closed today on Monday", a car drove through the barrier. The driver was an wrinkly bearded old man and on the trailer I saw a dead deer. I followed him and continued through the now foggy forest (8) until I reached Kist. The last part of the road to Limbachshof (9) was along fields. Near the hashpoint (10) I preferred to walk around the field and access the hashpoint (11) from the other side so I would be cloaked by the fog from the humans audible nearby. The soil wanted to accompany me home (12).

For the trip back I crossed the Autobahn at the Würzburg/Kist exit. There are currently construction works and I needed 10 minutes for the 300 metres because I had to wait until there were less cars on the road. As soon as I reached the forest track on the other side of the Autobahn I could race home at full speed, spraying dirt all over my bike and my legs (13).

In total, I cycled 15.5 + 14.8 = 30.3 km. As of 2009-01-08, there are no other expedition reports for today, so I claim the Last Man Standing Achievement.

Danatar earned the Last Man standing achievement
by being the the only hasher world-wide to go on a geohashing expedition on 2008-12-08.
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