2008-11-22 30 -98

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Sat 22 Nov 2008 in Fredericksburg, Texas:
30.4655210, -98.0221575

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This is the 2nd known attempt at a hashpoint in the Fredericksburg, Texas graticule. It is located in Pace Bend park, which is surrounded by Lake Travis on three sides. The point was reached successfully, but my camera crapped out after a couple of pictures.

Expedition (s3g2)[edit]

The drive from Austin was not bad, and I reached the park, paid my entrance fee and parked near the trail head that is close to the turnoff for Kate's Cove and Johnson Cove. The weather was cloudy and the temperature a cool 50 F, which was no trouble at all. I walked down this trail for barely a quarter mile before realizing I'd need to cut into the woods to get closer. So this I did, and after 30 minutes of making my way through and around clusters of trees and doing the GPS dance I finally reached the point, which was in a small draw which was luckily not muddy. For some reason my digital camera only got a few shots off before deciding to crap out on me by not focusing on anything. So, I only had two shots that came out well. On the way out, I found a shortcut leading back to the road (instead of the trail) and then my vehicle.