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All locations: .4655210, .0221575
Globalhash: -6.2062184869632, -172.02328446819 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Brisbane, Australia Caron, Warrio Somewhere
Fredericksburg, Texas s3g2 This is the 2nd known attempt at a hashpoint in the Fredericksburg, Texas graticule. It is locat...
Madison, Wisconsin World Travelling Sam, Bill Minser Sam, the baby and I ventured out into the wilds of Columbia County. The spo...
Iron River, Michigan Hurricane Somewhere
Seattle, Washington Thomcat Between Issaquah and Cedar grove, this location is an apparently open field...
Augsburg, Germany das aug Todays hash was just a bit north of Ulm, so we decided to give it a go even...
Stuttgart, Germany Ekorren, Nick mz Today's hash was still on the area of the town of Tübingen, in the Rammer...

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