2008-10-30 52 6

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Thu 30 Oct 2008 in 52,6:
52.4444615, 6.9147392

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Goocy asked on irc if Arvid will do a hash saturday. And since Arvid probably won't, he proposed today's hash after work instead. And so we did.


  • Arvid cycled around 63.5km. Goocy 56.8km, starting from Arvid's workplace. (according to Arvid's GPS reconstruction)
  • Crossed a border, but didn't take pictures of the bordercrossing, the first had no signs, and it was dark anyway.


Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

Goocy promised not to be at Arvid's work at 17:00 sharp, which was a good thing since Arvid wasn't done until 17:10 or so. Arvid looked over the bike parking place and Goocy waved. Arvid still had to get into his cycling wear though. So Arvid left Goocy out there in the soft rain for another 10 minutes. At 17:25 they were on their way. Arvid did plan a route, but is very new to this route, so there were a couple of misdrivings. Arvid also went offroad once while staring at his GPS instead of the road. But he was staying on his wheels this time. At 18:43 they arrived at the spot Arvid intended to go off his bike. Distance covered according to Arvid's GPS data is 29.6km, with a total average of 23km/h (including misturns and stuff). Not bad Goocy!

The hashpoint was actually on some farmers service road, but Arvid and Goocy walked there. It was wet. It was dark. There was a small stream next to it. There were trees over the stream. The rain had stopped more or less by then, it was more a very heavy fog.

Arvid blamed the rain/humidity for preventing it from getting real cold, but made a picture of his thermometer anyway. He also wanted to get the backlight of his bike computer on, so he could see and photograph the distance. While doing this Arvid reset his daytrip. Later he thought he reset it all, but that didn't appear to be true.

At 19:15 they went back again. Just before Ootmarsum Goocy noticed his steer was loose. Arvid had tools with him to fix that, but Goocy's GPS holder had to be removed first, and that would be a lot more work. He decided to go a bit slower instead. In Ootmarsum, they missed a turn, which led them to cycle around the city center church(instead of around the city center in general), which was a bit higher than the road around it. They lifted their bikes below to the road.

They arrived at Goocy's place at 20:39. Arvid remembered there were no pictures of the bikes yet, so Goocy made a picture of them there. Arvid went further home about 3 minutes later, and got himself a double pasta-meal in the Enschede city center before arriving home at 21:10.