2008-10-18 35 -107

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Sat 18 Oct 2008 in 35,-107:
35.0236881, -107.3062578

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Bishop_Wash: Today's coordinates were in a place where I thought I could complete a hash in the Grants, New Mexico graticule and were relatively close to home. Google maps said it was 38 miles away, so I left home around 1515 to make it there by 1600. After exiting I-40, I entered the Laguna Reservation and encountered a sign asking that no pictures be taken. It didn't mention no trespassing, so I continued on. Once I reached the railroad tracks, as seen on the map, there was a fence with no trespassing signs. I checked the GPS and was .3 miles from the geohash. Couldn't get the virgin graticule achievement today. Someday soon I hope to get it.

On the drive back to Albuquerque I stopped along side the road and took a picture of the mesa. The geohash is somewhere along the base. I also decided to attempt the Albuquerque geohash.