2008-10-18 35 -106

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Sat 18 Oct 2008 in 35,-106:
35.0236881, -106.3062578

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Bishop_Wash: Today I initially failed attempting the Grants, New Mexico geohash. I'd looked at the Albuquerque geohash and thought it was obtainable. However, I wanted a shot at a virgin graticule achievement in the Grants graticule. Once I reached an obstacle with that one, I thought I'd give the Albuquerque geohash a shot. Both hashes were close to I-40, so it wasn't much of a problem.

Nearing the geohash I ended off paved roads on onto some rough dirt roads. It was interesting trying to reach the coordinates. I finally pulled off a street spur, near a house, and was ~.3 miles from the coordinates. A seemingly coincidental number today. The geohash was in what appeared to be an open field. I gathered my camera and GPS unit and headed off to reach the coordinates. In a short while I reached a fence. There weren't any signs, but I didn't think I should proceed. I took a picture of the fence and the screen of the GPS showing that I was .22 miles from the geohash. Zero for two on attempts today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.