2008-10-13 59 10

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Mon 13 Oct 2008 in 59,10:
59.8815920, 10.7812315

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The hash was located in Oslo Nordstrand, in the yard of a house in Pareliusveien.





The expedition had been meticulously planned. I walked from my school to the hash point while the sun was setting. Due to darkness I took tram and city bike for the way back. On my way nothing happened worth mentioning. View over the Oslofjord was nice. Hashplace was also nice. The building to which the hash seems to be "attached" on google, is a garage. In place of the hash, there's a basket(-ball basket) attached. Nice.
I took one picture with my mobile phone. If I ever manage to transfer it to the Internet, I'll add it here.


After a short shopping extravaganza, or not really, in Bogstadveien I hopped on the tram and rode all the way out to Holtet. My trusty Garmin was at home, so i had reverted to a Nokia. Turned out that it was not as exact as it should have been, as it most of the time sent me to the undeveloped field next to the hash courtyard. Looks like the upscale neighbourhood is getting a new flat-complex where earlier there was a villa. Have a few photos from the building site. Realized after a while that the kid living at the spot was actually playing with the hash (basket ring). Grabbed a photo over my shoulder at about 17:45. Uneventful tram-trip back to centrum.