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2008-10-06 35 -106

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Mon 6 Oct 2008 in 35,-106:
35.1653213, -106.7115051

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[edit] Plan

Bishop_Wash: It seems that when a geohash is easily accessible and close to me I'm scheduled to leave town that afternoon. So it was with today's location. I had an afternoon flight to LA so the 4:00 meetup was not possible. Looking at the map the spot appeared to be in someone's front yard. I thought I could obtain it when I went home to pick-up my wife for the airport. The LA geohash also looked obtainable and near our hotel. A possible multihash achievement.

[edit] Expedition

The geohash was easily reached. I parked off the street between two houses. My GPS read 25 feet to the location, so close to actually being in the street. I'd prepared an explanation and printed a page from the wiki site in case an owner came out asking questions. It was not necessary. I hurried to the spot and took a picture of the GPS reading. Then I turned around and took a picture of the view. This was a prime spot for multiple honorable mention couch potato achievements.

[edit] Pictures