2008-10-02 38 -121

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Thu 2 Oct 2008 in 38,-121:
38.7839543, -121.3149968

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An impromptu Thursday night hash, we ClintonOddfellow and dshigure discovered that the hash was in the HP parking lot. ClintonOddfellow got in contact with a friend who works at HP, and discovered that the hash location was directly in his usual parking space. This made hashing mandatory for the evening. Pics to follow.

Success: about a 3 or 4 on the epic richter scale[edit]

The spot landed right on an intersection of the lines in the parking lot. Intention to get there after work was met with hours of distraction at the Fry's we used for a meeting spot, so we showed up at night. Could only have been better if we actually needed to use Andy's badge to access the parking lot. I suppose if we required the use of a helicopter to access it, it would have been cool too :-P


ClintonOddfellow, examining his phone, waiting for GPS to acquire a signal to find the exact hash spot.
the GPS showing us on top of the hash site (forgot to show coords) next to a shot of the date and time.
A terribly blurry shot of the four hashers, clustered around ClintonOddfellow's phone (acting as the GPS unit for this hash). Photo is blurry because ClintonOddfellow (far left) fails at focusing at night. Others in the photo are dshigure (far right) and the two first-timers. Andy (whose parking spot we're in) is the upper middle.
The four hashing participants decided that it was best to take a myspace style photo. Camera used was ClintonOddfellow's (Crappy) phone. Bottom to top, dshigure, ClintonOddfellow, and the two new participants. Don't worry, they're all at least 18 :-P
Three of the four hashers examine the hashsite (GPS still sitting on the exact spot,) ClintonOddfellow is behind the camera, dshigure looking macho on the far right.