2008-09-27 51 6

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Sat 27 Sep 2008 in 51,6:
51.9185578, 6.3839487

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Arvid went there. He didn't feel like doing something epic this weekend. The two closest hashes for him were in 51,6 or 51,7, both around 55-60km, and both just outside a town, in a field. Arvid decided to go Dutch again.


  • Cycled 121.2km.
  • He did cross the border, but that wasn't strictly a necessary part of the trip.



Around 13:30 I left home. The first 30km (through Germany) was known roads, no need for the GPS to help me in there. The rest went perfect too, and around 15:50 I arrived at the intended tree to park my bike against(yes, I had planned that, google maps is very good out here). It's always a surprise what the field is used for and this time it was: Pumpkins! Most of them were destroyed one way or the other though, and the amount of pumpkins wasn't impressive either. I could easily walk into the field without any fear of standing on one, or trying hard to avoid them. The hash was reached fairly easy, and perfect at 4pm. I had some banana's, noticed a train and quickly tried to get my camera out again so I photographed just a very little bit of it. I was a bit in doubt about chalking the road, but there was no need! I found an alternative to mark the way to the hashpoint. Around 16:15 I went to the nearby football club (Americans: soccer club) to see if they had some brilliant fancy name, but they didn't. And then I went home again. I went wrong once, and had a longer stop about halfway, but that was it. Nothing notable here. I arrived home around 18:50.