2008-09-20 47 -122

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Sat 20 Sep 2008 in Seattle:
47.5939233, -122.8365649

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About 1/2 hour west of Bremerton in the vicinity of Lake Symington. Just north of NW Holly Rd., and just east of Coho Run NW. Final spot was near a small stream flowing out of the Lake.



Harlequin was working and I was forced to arrange the afternoon to meet the Seattle-Bremerton ferry schedule. Met the 12:45 ferry with minutes to spare and made it to the general area of hash location about 2:30. About 50 yards of bush-whacking across a vibrant berry infestation allowed me to get to the banks of the small stream just shortly before 3pm. Tree cover made GPS performance spotty and I was forced to approximate between readings and my memory of the map/satelite photo to declare the objective met. Then, being a slave to the ferry schedule, I couldn't wait to see if anybody else made it. I left a small note on the spot where I departed the road and beat feet back to Bremerton to catch the 4:20 home.