2008-09-17 52 6

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Wed 17 Sep 2008 in 52,6:
52.1259716, 6.6131632

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Arvid found this a good wednesdaymorning hash (builders still making noise in the house next to him, staying home would just be annoying). He hoped he would be early enough so the temperature would be under 14°C.


  • Cycled 50.7km.
  • Failed Cold Geohash at 14.3°C.
  • Lots of nettles, but I trampled them with great patience, because of course, I was wearing short cycling pants, and didn't bring a long pair.



I left home around 10:00, to try and get me the coldest geohash again. The route was very easy, only the last couple of hundred meters were unpaved, and claimed it was a dead end. The sun came through the clouds though, decreasing my chances of getting the coldest hash. I arrived near the hash at 11:00, only to find out there was a serious ditch between the cornfield the hash was probably in, and the road. There was even water in the ditch. A bit further there was a "bridge" over it, so I went there. But that also meant I had to walk back along and through some woods. Especially the walking back along the ditch was a challenge, since it had nettles. Lots of it. And I did of course bring no other pants, standing there in my short cycling pants. I was in no hurry so I decided to take revenge on mother nature for my hash two days earlier. I pulled my socks up as high as possible, and trampled all the stinging nettles until I got to the woods-part. My GPS data tells me it was about 60m, and it took 15 minutes, giving me an average speed of 0.2km/h walking. And of course some of the nettles got me, but it wasn't too bad.

I walked through the woods-part and found there was a ditch between the woods and the cornfield too. No nettles there, but I had to look for a place where I could easily get over it. When I got that, the hash was fairly easy, in the cornfield. I got to the hashpoint at 11:25. I got out my thermometer, but in the cornfield it was 14.2°C at coldest. Not cold enough.

The walk back was way easier, since there was a sort-of path! Back at my bike I did get the thermometer to show a value under 14°C, but that's not the hashpoint... I ate a banana and drank some water, starting the way home at 11:40. I arrived home at 12:45. In my garden it was even 18°C by then.