2008-09-15 52 7

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Mon 15 Sep 2008 in 52,7:
52.1780143, 7.0951001

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Arvid went there after work. Hoped it would be still a bit light. The hashpoint was actually very close to the 27 august one. Well, 2.6km. But there is a straight road just a bit west of them.




I found this a good one to do after work. Around 30km, perfect practice round. I left home around 19:20. When I was just 1km in Germany, a police car turned around just in front of me. I of course wasn't cycling on the bikelane, because they are rubbish. But they went on with screeching tyres in the same way as me, with lights too!

I think I mentioned the emu's on my 27 august hash, so when I saw them I again I had to photograph them. When I arrived at the intented spot to get off my bike I saw someone in the distance. I put my bike down, got the stuff I needed and walked into the field. It was around 20:00. At some point I really needed to get into the corn to continue. I looked back, and noticed someone near my bike. He cycled away. I ran to my bike, and he was just about 20-30m further. It was apparently a local German (ORLY?!). He asked if I needed help, and I tried to tell him that I was looking for a random spot with my GPS. He had a friend who did geocaching, although he used a German word for it I didn't understand, but he had an idea about what I was doing at least. I really need to improve my German. He also told me that sometimes people put big iron bars in the field, and the yielding machines will get damaged, and to repair that will cost 70-80000 euros, so that's why he was checking out what I was doing. He was actually waiting for a friend, and when he came along he left.

I put my bike out of sight of the road, and got back to where I was. Right. Into the corn! Walking in between wasn't too bad. But, at some point, I need to get into the other cornfield. And there were stinging nettles. Lots of them. And I wore long sleeves, but still short pants. I decided to be nature's bitch, I already felt that there was a ditch, and my ankle didnt like that. I wasn't gonna jump, and I wasn't going to look for another way to get into the field where the hash was, since it was already dark. I made a picture of the thermometer I brought along, it was a lot colder than I expected. All day it had been around 14-15°C. So I thought I might have a bit of luck and get it at 12 or 13°C. 10°C surprised me. You really have to look at the colder one, that's the "outside" one. It is way more responsive than the other one. I also had the unit itself, where the "inside"-sensor is, in my hand while walking to the hash.

I also made a pic of my GPS, showing how far I was still off. And of the nettles, of course. I went back. Walking or running in between corn is odd. You really have no idea about distance, or an overview of where you are. When I was back at the bike I put my thermometer down, and I saw it going down even more!

At 20:30 I went home again, arriving there at 21:15.