2008-09-05 -33 150

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Fri 5 Sep 2008 in -33,150:
-33.7528685, 150.7678216

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This hashpoint was located at the back of the Western Sydney Recycling Centre at St Marys. From the satellite it looked like a very interesting site, but we weren't sure if we were going to be able to gain access. Despite being a rainy afternoon it seemed like it was worth trying anyway...


All attendees earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (-33, 150) geohash on 2008-09-05.
CJ 029.JPG
All attendees earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission from Western Sydney Recycling Centre to access the (-33, 150) geohash on 2008-09-05.
CJ 024.JPG


Kate and CJ had organised to meet out the front of the facility at 3.30pm. Kate was first to arrive and scouted out the area. CJ was running about 10 minutes late and arrived to find Kate sheltering in her car from the light (but steady) rain. They chatted for a while about the fact that this was definitely a part of town that they would not normally find themselves in (especially on a rainy Friday afternoon!).

It looked like achieving this geohash might turn out to be a bit difficult as there was plenty of heavy machinery (think massive tractors, concrete crushing machines etc..) operating on the site and driving around. Kate and CJ started to discuss alternate ways to get close to the hashpoint (as it was located reasonably close to the boundary fence. They could go up the road and then walk along the disused rail tracks adjacent to the site, or possibly get up close by going into the neighbouring empty block of land (fenced off, but the gate was wide open).

However, before attempting either of these options they figured it couldn't hurt to simply ask for access to the site. The chances looked slim, but it was worth a shot. So they went through the front gate and up to the small office building. Inside was a friendly young guy. The conversation went something like this:

CJ - Hi. We're on a photo hunt and have to take photos of ourselves at randomly determined places around Sydney...
Office Guy - (blank stare)
CJ - ...and it just so happens that we need to take a photo down the back of your property...
OG - (more blank stare - things not looking promising)
CJ - ...so we were wondering if there was any chance we could go over there and do that?
OG - Yeah, just put on those orange safety vests (points at vests hanging on the wall)
CJ and Kate - *childish grins*
OG - (on radio to machinery operators) Hey guys, we've got some visitors here who need to take photos of the old rail lines for an assignment. Just watch out for them...

So after the incredible ease at which this guy let us wander around his site, and feeling very special in our bright orange safety vests we made our way over to where we thought the hashpoint was located. The ground was incredibly muddy, but we were so happy about being granted access that we didn't care. We managed to find the location right next to a large pile of crushed gravel, and Kate got an exact lock on her GPS.

Feeling extremely satisfied in finally being able to have another successful geohash we returned our safety vests to the office, thanked the friendly office guy and made our way off the site. Lesson - never be afraid to simply ask for permission! Even if they clearly have no idea what you're on about, they might still let you in!