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Thu 4 Sep 2008 in 59,10:
59.9402030, 10.7597946

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Placed close to Advokat Dehlis plass in Bjølsen, Oslo.

The hash was conveniently placed in the city of Oslo (as every second hash in this graticule seems to be), in an open yard next to a parking lot. There were benches to sit on, a grill, and a café closeby. When lyx and relet reached the spot, they met someone intently staring at his GPS device. Woo! First geohasher actually met. Turns out it was Enno.

They marked the spot, took photos, and chatted for a while, waiting for other geohashers. Someone seems to have registered on the map, which wasn't them. As no one turned up eventually, they turned to seeking a number of geocaches and apples in the vicinity. Enno showed them his "favourite" cache in an old safe, which was really nicely hidden.

Lyx cycled all the way on one of Oslo's city bikes alongside relet walking. What wouldn't we do for a new ribbon on our pages? Enno qualifies for the Public Transport Achievement.

Chimera seems to have passed by and missed everyone else. What a pity!

hbrx popped by on his way home from work, at 20:22. hbrx has his residence, or birdcage, just 270 metes from this hash. Pretty close to couch-hashing. I know this area well as I have lived here for more than 10 years now. The hash is placed on top of the 'menighetshus', and other vounteer organisations have offices and locles in the building to the west. This area also has a large density of apartments owned by the city, providing them for people with living-difficulties among others. The small café/deli/restaurant/grocery/coffe shop just west, 'Mat&Mer' is absolutely worth a visit. The area is traditionally a workers' area, housing those that worked at Oslo's factories, mostly those placed along the river. All the factories are now gone, and soon all those that worked there will be gone as well. Bjølsen is packed with senior citizens who have lived their entire life in this area.