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2008-09-04 35 -84

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Thu 4 Sep 2008 in Cleveland, TN:
35.8601707, -84.0622971

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[edit] About

Hash is located at the top of a steep grassy slope behind an office building. Occupants of this building must have a peculiarly skyless grass-green landscape view from the rear windows.

[edit] Expeditions

Although Involute and NullHypothesis were about half-finished with a major plumbing overhaul in the primary bathroom of the house, it seemed an ideal moment to embark on a randomly generated adventure. We looked up the day's location in an unsullied graticule and embarked with camera, GPS, and a decided lack of plumbing supplies. The hash point was reached without difficulty, but a GPS mishap required a brief retreat to a nearby CVS for batteries and jellybeans. Refortified, we returned to the hash site for pictures.

A large limestone boulder by the hash site contained some interesting tiny fossils. After crawling around photographing them at extremely close range, we discovered that the surrounding lush green vegetation was poison ivy.

Home now, it would be nice to take a shower, but some idiots have left the bathroom mostly disassembled and ankle-deep in tools and pipefitting debris.

[edit] Photos