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2008-08-30 34 -118

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Sat 30 Aug 2008 in Los Angeles:
34.1190723, -118.4226173

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[edit] Meetup location

The meetup location is on Summitridge Drive, a private, gated, residential street in the Hollywood Hills near Benedict Canyon Rd.

Mike hit Mulholland Drive at 4:10pm and tried to find where the private Summitridge Drive connected. No success. It was one of handful of unlabeled, gated driveways. So, from the scenic overlook on Mulholland Drive, I took pictures of the canyon where the geohash was probably located.

From there, I drove down Benedict Canyon and up some windy streets to get to the west of the geohash location, where I managed to snap a photo in the direction of the geohash through someone's fence.

With no success, I got to the local Starbucks on Beverly Glen at about 4:30 and had a chai latte.

[edit] Planning

Examination of Google Earth appears to show gatehouses across Summitridge Drive, so the actual hash is likely impossible.

So, the plan is to hit Summitridge Drive from the north (Mulholland Drive) side; drive as close to the hash as possible until stopped by gates; take quick picture before getting chased away by hyperprotective Hollywood Hills security guards; get cup of coffee at Beverly Glen Starbucks (2952 N Beverly Glen Cir, Los Angeles, CA).

[edit] People

  • Mike plans to be there.