2008-08-11 33 -84

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Mon 11 Aug 2008 in 33,-84:
33.9608377, -84.0313900

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People who reached these coordinates:

  • NWoodruff and I drove through at 6:50pm local time. I arrived at about 6:45pm local time. I pulled over on the side of the highway where it spits from the exit ramp. I walked up the side of the highway and counted the number of dashed lines from the Google map and passed the corresponding white dashed lines on the road. I noticed where the sun shown through the trees was where the hash point was. I actually drove through the hash point at about 35mph as the speed limit was 55. The first time that I tried driving past at 55, I was not able to get a picture of the exact spot. I had to turn around and drive back through. This time I slowed to make sure I got the exact spot. Notice the distance the white truck from me in the first picture to the second picture.

I turned around again and stopped at the exit ramp and waited for other local Atlanta Geohashers. I left at about 7:20pm as in nobody else showed up.