2008-08-11 32 -80

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Mon 11 Aug 2008 in Beaufort:
32.9608377, -80.0313900

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Located in Otranto, a small suburb of North Charleston (which is nowhere near Beaufort). In the extreme NE corner of the graticule, about 100 feet offshore into the Goose Creek Reservoir.


The geohash is only about two miles from Coreycubed's house. It was located about 100 feet from shore; the water was coated in algae and various kinds of muck. The resident of the property adjacent to the reservoir also warned of alligators. We attempted to get closer to the actual site but he had just finished boating and was ready to put the boat away. We snapped a few pictures from the shore before heading back.

Coordinates reached: 32.960674, -80.032327

As the first geohash reached in the Beaufort, South Carolina graticule, this makes all participants eligible for the Virgin Graticule achievement.



Achievements earned[edit]