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2008-07-31 55 12

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Thu 31 Jul 2008 in Copenhagen:
55.5310836, 12.1443376

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[edit] About

Hash: 55.531083, 12.144337

Closest town: Jersie, Havdrup

Surroundings: Fields

Expeditions: bjuhn

The 2008-07-31 55 12 geohash was located in a field between Havdrup and Jersie about 10km south of roskilde. The surrounding area was all private, the hash was thus unreachable

[edit] Expeditions

[edit] bjuhn

Navigation: GoogleMaps, TomTom /w offroad navigator

I tried reaching the hash from the Jersie side, but around 18:00 I encountered a sign saying "Privat vej, uvedkommende færdsel frabedes" some 950m from the hash. Unfortunately. I have no way of proving this as I forgot my camera at home... :(