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West of -30°: .5356743, .4584283
East of -30°: .5310836, .1443376
Globalhash: 5.5950521992056, -128.03846958811 (GeoNames)

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[edit] Expeditions

Expeditions and Plans

Crestview, Florida Someone went This was a weekday geohash, very close to Niceville, and only about a hundr...
Sacramento, California dshigure, Mpanighetti, ClintonOddfellow, Kelsa, Mallin Looks like the hash is in an empty lot in a residential neighborhood.
Budapest, Hungary Someone went for the graticule was inside the city of Budapest, inside a stock area.
Berlin, Germany Phoenix Phoenix and relet had actually planned to go for a cycle trip wherever tomo...
København, Denmark bjuhn Hash: 55.531083, 12.144337 Closest town: Jersie, Havdrup Surroundings: Fi...

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