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2008-07-31 38 -121

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Thu 31 Jul 2008 in 38,-121:
38.5356743, -121.4584283

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[edit] Location

Looks like the hash is in an empty lot in a residential neighborhood.

[edit] Planning

I know it's late in the day; and last minute... but lets try to meet up at 7:30 or 8:00.

[edit] Attendees:

The following hashers hashed this hash:
Kelsa, dshigure, Mallin, ClintonOddfellow, Mpanighetti

[edit] Marginal Success

The neighborhood was pretty iffy. We spoke to a local member of the neighbor hood watch and she recommended that we didn't stay after dark as it wasn't terribly safe. We got some pictures on the corner near the site; but it appear (upon closer inspection) to be located exactly at an air conditioning unit sticking out of the wall of a nearby house. We didn't want to upset the locals so we left fairly quickly.

I found a friggin' awesome neighborhood cat and bought an interactive VHS board game written by Issac Asimov at the local thrift store. I'd say this hash was a phenomenal success. ~Mpanighetti

[edit] Pictures

Pictures to follow; both Mallin and ClintonOddfellow got snapshots while we were there.