2008-07-15 59 10

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Tue 15 Jul 2008 in 59,10:
59.9453114, 10.7167405

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The coordinates for this geohash were in the city proper, next to one of the major highways.


Enno and Chimera


Left home at 15:15. Was raining a little bit, but decided to rollerblade anyway. Walkways were reasonably level; no really steep hills to climb. Made it to the hashpoint shortly after 16:00. Met up with Enno and talked about assorted stuff. Departed around 16:40. Less than five minutes from home and it started pouring rain. Arrived home thoroughly drenched.


Left work 20:02, and arrived site 20:03. A one minute bike ride. Guess I wont come closer to the cubicle-award than this. Site is placed in the heart of the research district of Oslo. Close to and in the area of Oslo University, The National Hospital, Sintef, Nemko, Science Park, etc... Todays hash brought me to a piece of tarmac between NEMKO and Ring-3. My GPSr zeroed (or oned as picture shows) a few meters from where Enno zeroed i think.