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West of -30°: .9238259, .5172238
East of -30°: .9453114, .7167405
Globalhash: 80.156050545713, 78.026590120864 (GeoNames)

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[edit] Expeditions

Expeditions and Plans

Palm Beach, Florida Rozard lies smack in the middle of the northern part of the Palm Beach, Florida gr...
San Francisco, California Antony It's in what Antony has identified as a motel, north of the GG bridge, on t...
Providence, Rhode Island Someone went Map Coordinates The site is located in Smithfield, RI, near the intersecti...
London East, United Kingdom tr00st tr00st attempted to head over by bike for his first attempt at getting to s...
Oslo, Norway Chimera, Enno The coordinates for this geohash were in the city proper, next to one of th...

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