2008-07-11 1 103

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Fri 11 Jul 2008 in 1,103:
1.4231424, 103.7694640

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Friday 11 July 2008


1.423142, 103.769463



  • 0900

Surveyed the area using Google Maps and found that the area that the point resides in is under construction. After checking with my Mapking, i realised that there is a minor road that might lead to the point.

  • 1400-1420

Took the train to the Kranji MRT station

  • 1400-1450

Using the MRT station as a starting point i walked north-east to attempted to reach the point from the eastern approach but hit a dead end (the path ends at the BKE an expressway) at 1430 and quickly retraced my path back to the station (ok i took a bus back to the mrt station actually)

  • 1450-1530

Took the western approach and started walking down south of Turf Club Avenue. Walked around the perimeter fence of the turf club. At 1510 reached the supposed road and found that it has not been fully constructed! Determined to reach the point, i walked around the fence of the construction site, hoping that the road might actually be completed further down. At 1530, i reached the end of the foot path and was unable to proceed further as it has reached the BKE. I took the GPS reading and found that i am about 200m from the actual point.

  • 1530-

Began my walk back to the MRT station. Better luck next time!