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Wed 9 Jul 2008 in 1,103:
1.4053787, 103.7169733

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Wednesday 9 July 2008



This is my inaugural attempt at geohashing. The meet up location was within a military training area but i went ahead hoping that there might be some units undergoing training thus i could sneak in. Started my cycling journey at about 1440 and reached the location at 1520 only to find the main gate locked. As it was a military training area, it would be unwise to attempt to bypass the gates. An interesting point point to note is that he locals in that area are known for sneaking in to harvest durians.

Waited for about 5 minutes for my GPS to acquired a signal and took a few pictures of the gate in the meantime. Judging from my GPS position, i was about 1.62km away from the actual meet up location. Better luck next time!