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2008-07-07 47 12

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Mon 7 Jul 2008 in 47,12:
47.6924455, 12.4386083

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[edit] About

47.950188°, 12.873372°

This hashpoint was located east of Hof in the Rosenheim, Germany graticule, in a small forest. The nearest road passes under a railroad bridge - from there, a dirt road leads to the forest, and a tractor path can get you close to the hashpoint.

[edit] Attending

Jeremy will attend, arriving by bicycle from Waging in the late afternoon.

[edit] Expeditions

[edit] Jeremy 17:45

I set out from Waging am See by bike (with my towel, of course) at about 17:00. The weather was miserable, alternating between light and heavy rain for the entire trip. When I arrived in Hof, I had to guess the rest of the route, because I didn't have a map or a GPS unit. However, I found a dirt road that ran parallel to the railroad tracks toward the woods. From there, a tractor path ran through the woods, connecting the fields north and south of the geohash. A fence on the east side of the path kept me about 500 feet from the hash itself - so I got as close as I could before snapping some pictures, enjoying a locally brewed beer, and heading back. I left behind some broken sticks spelling out "xkcd" for anyone who should stumble upon them.