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Trespassing verboten[edit]

Signed: Der Standortälteste.

Trespassing... well, you read the headline already.
This way to the hash.

Another geohash almost reached - this time it was on a proving ground of the upcoming german federal super-police force Bundesgrenzschutz. Our minister of interiors, Wolfgang Schäuble, is pushing these guys with all kinds of powers to spy on their own citizens lately, so, being citizens and therefore the apparent main enemy of the Bundesgrenzschutz, we surely didn't want to f**k with them. We stayed on public ground, passing the hash for this day.

Eik and me as close as we could get

Sun 29 Jun 2008 in 52,13:
52.6080460, 13.5754466

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We were pretty close, though. Following a path between the forbidden woods and a public field, we closed in up to a few dozen meters. Note the fish-eye optics of that N95 we used to take the photos: Well, Eik is kind of an egghead, but it really is not that bad.

There was wheat
Some windmills in the distance.

While looking for a place to picknick, we thought about this "Standortälteste" guy ("Site elder") of the BGS who apparently closed off the place. I mean - Site elder (does this even translate correctly?) ? This somehow suggests a guy of about 109 years without a clue about what the Internet (set aside geohahsing) was, pushing around his second-elders (Standortzweitälteste) with a crutch.

We found some shade for picknick...
There was salami, bread and freshly picked sweet cherries ("knuppern").

After locating a sweet shady spot for picknick we had some rest. I really hoped for User:Per to show up - we never met - but he didn't make it. Well, there always is next sunday.