2008-06-28 50 -0

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Sat 28 Jun 2008 in 50,-0:
50.6581110, -0.3656342

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The Place[edit]

This one is wet! It's in the Sea south of Worthing Pier.

I think a meet on the beach at the correct longitude is the best we can do unless someone has a boat!

Rinioth's attempt[edit]

Arrived at about 3:30pm, walked down to the waters edge at the correct longitude. The GPSr said 10.5 miles. Hung around for a bit and didn't see anyone looking suspicious ;) so wandered off to the end of the pier. GPSr said 10.3 miles. Still didn't spot anyone so went back to the first location and hung around a bit more.

Mat's attempt[edit]

Hmm... I still haven't gotten the hang of this navigation business. I got there late and found my way to the pier at about 4:30. I quickly realised my gps wasn't much help with the waypoint set in the middle of the ocean but I went to a point on the beach with the right longitude. I wrote xkcd in chalk, and then wandered around a bit looking for evidence of other geohashers. I didn't find any, so I bought an ice cream, wandered around by the pier for a bit, then gave up and went home (after getting very very lost trying to find a station again) Mat 17:18, 28 June 2008 (UTC)