2008-06-28 41 -81

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Sat 28 Jun 2008 in 41,-81:
41.6581110, -81.3656342

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This geohash location was the parking lot of Best Buy in Mentor, OH. The Baker's Square next door would be a good place to meetup for discussion (and pie).


  • Wooglin arrived at 4:00pm on the nose, just in time to wait outside his car for 5 minutes before being caught in a terrible thunderstorm. He managed to snap a picture of himself in front of Best Buy before the rain hit; he forgot to bring his digital camera and had to use his cell phone camera, which was also his GPS tool (so the GPS proof isn't in the picture). Wooglin relocated to the Baker's Square 15 meters from the hash location and ate a piece of apple pie while awaiting other geohashers. To his dismay, no other geohashers arrived (but he thoroughly enjoyed the pie).


Wooglin poses for the camera by himself at the geohash location.

Interested but did not attend[edit]