2008-06-28 38 -121

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Sat 28 Jun 2008 in 38,-121:
38.6581110, -121.3656342

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Location is off of Madison near I-80, near Scandia Family Fun Center. Appears on google satellite photos to be on the sidewalk of a narrow non-through street in a residential neighborhood. Several restaurants are very close to the hash point on Madison Avenue.

Planning Information[edit]

Myself and one friend are planning on attending. Finally it's not in the middle of nowhere! It's right next to the Scandia Family Fun Center. Maybe miniature golf afterwards? Nak

I have to work until 6:15; but I'm heading out to the RenFaire (yes I know it'll be closed by then, but I'm part of a guild and will be preforming on Sunday) and have exit on Madison anyway. I'm planning on making this a sidequest for the day. So expect me about 6:45 - 7:00. If others want to hang around until that time I'd be happy to meet the rest of you crazies :D Kelsa


Hash was in the carport of a trailer in a gated trailer park. We snuck in as someone was leaving, but was at the site at 7:00. Had dinner across the street at Brookfeilds. Crapastic oversized pictures taken from our iPhones will go up later. Kelsa & dshigure

Myself and friend reached the hash as well at about 4:30. One of the gates was left open and we went the long way around the trailer park to get to the hash. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so no pictures were taken. However, when hopping triumphantly onto the approximate hash site, I accidentally scared a cat. And just as we were pulling out an old woman walked out of the neighboring trailer to see what we were up to. We got away just in time and also had lunch at Brookfields afterwards, hahahaha! We went to see how cheap miniature golf was before deciding it was too expensive and heading out. - Nak


DShigure presents iPhone on the geohash site 2008-06-28 38 -121 1.jpg

Jazz Hands! You can see the street address here. 2008-06-28 38 -121 2.jpg

Kelsa proudly standing on the hash site. 2008-06-28 38 -121 6.jpg

A lame attempt to prove we were where we said we were. It looks great in theory; but taking a photo of an iPhone with an iPhone just doesn't work quite right.
2008-06-28 38 -121 3.jpg

Looking down the street to the gate you can see we are at the fifth trailer 2008-06-28 38 -121 4.jpg

Another angle of the Hash across the top of my (Kelsa's) car. 2008-06-28 38 -121 5.jpg