2008-06-20 37 -122

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Fri 20 Jun 2008 in San Francisco:
37.8663951, -122.2270141

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Site is in the middle of the Claremont Canyon Preserve, and is very near a house at the end of a long private driveway off Grizzly Peak Road.



I attempted, with my wife and daughter, about 19:00, but failed; the terrain is steep and full of poison oak. Retreated to Bittersweet Cafe on College Avenue and consoled ourselves with chocolate cake.


I attempted after work, unfortunately sans GPS, camera, or vehicle. (The last one made the 1200 vertical feet really fun.) I used the hiking trail off of Norfolk road, getting there as the sun was setting. After going down the trail a bit, at about 20:25 I got as close as I was going to get (100 to 300m away). The steep climb from the trail to the hash, somewhat dense foliage on the trail, much denser foliage off the trail, and an unwillingness to scrape up my short-adorned legs more than they were from the trail alone put this in MNB Geohash territory.