2008-06-15 52 13

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Near-Motorway geohashing[edit]

This day's hash was east of Berlin, close to the Schöneiche motorway exit, in a wild meadow.

A fence protects the motorway from the dangerous meadow
Motorway exit (blue signs in the distance)

It was just a few meters of walking from the motorway exit. The motorway itself is aside the meadow. Meadow and motorway are separated by a fence, the geohash being alongside the fence on the meadow's part.

Me at the spot

Sun 15 Jun 2008 in 52,13:
52.4753808, 13.7612767

peeron geohashing.info google osm bing/os kml crox

I hit the spot at about 4:30. As usual, no one else came.

More grass

Something noticeable about Google Maps' idea about the meadow is that google thinks there is a small dead-end road named "Berghof Weiche" into the meadow, pointing right to the geohash. In the real world I could only find grass; no trace of any road.

A storm is coming...
Well, some rainclouds. But for a geek, there is no difference.

Soon after I reached the spot some rainclouds appeared. Cowardly, I fled... no picknick today.

Vintage tram

On my way back I saw this cool vintage tram. The line connects Schöneiche with Berlin.