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Sun 15 Jun 2008 in Nuremberg, Germany:
49.4753808, 11.7612767

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My first attempt at a geohash. I live in Regensburg, so it was a ~80km bicycle ride to get there and ~15km back to Amberg, from where I went home by train. But I wanted to collect GPS tracks of the cycle route for Openstreetmap anyway and the hash was just a bonus :)

I got to the hashpoint near the village Siebeneichen ("seven oaktrees", didn't count them) at around 15:30, it had just begun to rain a little on an otherwise cool, but sunny day. Couldn't reach the exact spot as it was in a field, but 80m to the south there was a nice big tree (i.e. rain shelter) with a bench to sit on.

Rested, nommed some candy, took pictures, and arranged twigs on the bench to say "xkcd" to the next visitor. Left at 16:00, just in time to miss the train (so I had to wait in Amberg for nearly an hour).

No one else went there, apparently, but I didn't expect otherwise.