2008-06-14 39 -119

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Sat 14 Jun 2008 in 39,-119:
39.8067463, -119.0388869

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The Reno, Nevada geo hash location for June 14, 2008 will tentatively take place in range land approximately 19 miles northeast of Fernley. Check out the talk page for planning discussions.

Weather looks to be clear, sunny, and hot (95°F, 35°C). Bring sunscreen.

The Location[edit]

The location is near a geothermal power plant, so there are nearby hot springs and other signs of previous volcanic activity. The location is in a large open area with clay covering the ground along with white, red, and black lava rocks. Sagebrush bushes were seen in abundance, but there was a large clearing in the sagebrush at the coordinates, apparently because it was unable to grow there effectively. Near the coordinates, the clay became spongy.

We saw a jackrabbit and some lizards. Also saw some large, old fecal matter of some kind making trails, and some bird droppings (from vultures?).

Who's Coming[edit]

Pending any work-related disasters or alternatives discussed in the Talk page, Paveman will bring coffee and snacks at 4:00 PM.

Moose Hole might be coming to this at 4:00 PM.

Who Came[edit]



Moose Hole



The Meetup[edit]

Genny, Mark, Moose Hole, and Russell drove to the nearest point to the coordinates on the road and ate some food. They were shortly met by Paveman at about 15:45 local time. The party made their way out to the coordinates, which they reached at about 16:05 local time.

They played apples to apples and threw a boomerang.

Photo Gallery[edit]