2008-06-07 55 12

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in Copenhagen:
55.5017842, 12.1143708

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This one was in the middle of a cow barn outside of Højelse near Ølby. I took the S-tog to Ølby, and bus 210 to a neat old church in Højelse. A pack of 30 German tourists on bicycles zoomed by, who must have been visiting the church. It was odd. I then walked by a deserted school and down a country road with some fields and cows on either side. As I reached the bend around which the point was, I saw the farmer whose place it was in his front yard and felt pretty awkward walking around. His small dog came running at me out into the road, just as a car was coming. I waved at the car to stop them, and they did before anything bad happened. I couldn't understand a word of what they said to me (I've only been living here 2 years, and can't do dialects), but they seemed nice and took the dog back in to the farmer's place. I went over to where the barn was, saw an ARLA truck coming out of it (and was like, hey cool this is where my milk comes from), hung out for a bit, and seeing noone else left. Not technically successful, but still an adventure.