2008-06-01 52 4

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Sun 1 Jun 2008 in 52,4:
52.3491079, 4.9162389

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On Sunday June 1 the geohash location was right in the middle of Amsterdam, to be precise some 300m from the Amstel trainstation. As this was very near to Celebithil's apartment (according to Google Earth somewhere between 980 and 990 meters away, as the crow flies) and more or less in the direction of the birthday party he was going to, he figured he could just as well go there.

At 15.52 Celebithil closed his apartment door and got on his bike, cycling on a leasurely pace brought him at the designated place by 15.58. The location was actually near the back of a restaurant, which turned out to be the entrance to the restaurants garage. On the other side there was the (elevated) railroad. Between the leaves of the trees (probably planted to obscure the railroad from direct few) you could still see the nearby Rembrandt Tower (the tallest building in Amsterdam). Having seen a car enter the restaurant garage, and another one leave, and also waiting for a cyclist to pass by, it had become 16.02. Figuring no one else would show up Celebithil picked up his stuff and continued to the birthday party.

As Celebithil does not own a photo camera, he unfortunately could not take any pictures. He could have either borrowed or tried buying a camera, but doing so would involve him traveling much further than the kilometer to the meetup point, thereby violating the idea of a couch potato geohash. Hence he figured he would just be lazy and not take pictures.