2008-06-01 45 -65

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Sun 1 Jun 2008 in 45,-65:
45.3491079, -65.9162389

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This geohash is just off the highway 111 in southern New Brunswick, also known as Airport Access Road. Booberfish drove by at about 4pm, which according to Google Maps' distance measurement tool put him within 25 metres. Nearby on Cosy Lake Road was a lake, log cabins, and horses! Though there was a handy place to park at the end of the road, less than 200 metres from the geohash, without a hand held GPS unit getting any closer would have been pure guesswork. Plus the terrain didn't look very forgiving.

Location at Google Maps: 45.349107N, 65.916239W

Log cabin near Wolsely Lake
Horses near Wolsely Lake