2008-06-01 41 -72

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Sun 1 Jun 2008 in 41,-72:
41.3491079, -72.9162389

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Finally, a meetup that's not in the Sound!

Planning details[edit]

  • Nearly the center of Quentin St, between Belmont and Clifford (one-way) in Hamden, CT. Very close to Whitney Ave, a main thoroughfare in the Hamden/New Haven area.
  • This is someone's yard. I suggest a quick proof photo, and then the Playwright, at the corner of Putnam Ave and Whitney Ave. Restaurant side is all ages.
  • Lake Whitney is Water Company Property, so picnics are not an option.
  • Cobaltnine will visit, take a photo, and head down for a pint with anyone who might show up.

(Comment: Probably not visited, there are no further wiki contributions by Cobaltnine except for this page)