2008-06-01 41 -71

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Sun 1 Jun 2008 in 41,-71:
41.3491079, -71.9162389

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Sorry to those who attempted to meet up...I kinda just went, and then I was there, around 4:30pm.

I figured that the best way to solve the problem of private property was to ask the owner if they would be willing to let me do my thing. I knocked on the door and waited a minute. An older gentleman came to the door and I blurted out something along the line of "I'm a stranger, but I'd like to explain why I'm here. I am playing an Internet-based game that gave me coordinates that are in your backyard. I would like to rummage through the backyard in exchange for absolving you of any liability during my stay."

He agreed, after having me explain the liability thing again. It actually might've been his neighbor's backyard, but the only access was from his yard. I did, indeed, rummage around for a while, descending for a moment into a low thicketed area. As I began to get aerially assaulted by mosquitoes (which may be a retroactive MNB achievement, given this is prime Lyme Disease country), I got a good read from my soon-to-be-returned TomTom, matching the first 5 decimals on both axes.

Picture proof is a little blurry, and still forthcoming as I search for a cable, but tentative SUCCESS is declared on my first official geohash (I didn't go in the water on 5/26), and the first land geohash completed in this graticule!

Like I said, pic to come, and sorry, Beau; catch up to you another time! Patrick

"To the Coke!"

Patrick earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (41, -71) geohash on 2008-06-01.