2008-05-31 39 -95

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Sat 31 May 2008 in Lawrence/Topeka:
39.0374871, -95.2812665

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Note from TheTagger: Not really an event, but you gotta start small! TheTagger (also known as Kevin) and Paavopetie (also known as Matt) traveled to the coordinates for the 39/-95 graticule. In what I am sure to be a rare coincidence, I was very familiar with the area in which the coordinates fell. I work for the County surveyor, and a few years back, we were doing some survey work on the minimum maintenance road that is just east of the coordinates. The lady who lives on the property the coordinates were on came out with her two dogs to see what we were doing. She was nice, but a bit of a loon! I recognized the breed of one of her dogs, and I asked her about the other, and she replied it was actually a wolf! At least, that's what she said it was, and it did look like a wolf, so I buy it. Anyways, with a loony-type landowner and wolf creatures lurking about, getting to the exact coordinates would be nigh impossible. So Matt and I met about half a mile east of the spot. We chatted a bit, found out we both were architectural engineering graduates (he from K-State, I from KU), and that we both grew up in St Louis. Small world... Before saying 'nice to meet you' and heading out, Matt said he may know of some more people who will geohash in the future, so hopefully we'll have bigger and better exploits to talk about in the coming weekends!