2008-05-25 38 -90

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Sun 25 May 2008 in 38,-90:
38.9417749, -90.1828736

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Drew and Mike drove in from St. Charles, MO, to this spot in a backyard in Godfrey, IL.

Beautiful day. It was Memorial Day weekend, and some folks were on the porch of the house where the backyard was. It's totally my fault (Mike) and not Drew's that we didn't talk to them; I wussed out! Oh well, first time.

We drove down the street and took a photo there w/ the backyard in the background.

(Drew on left, Mike on right)

Went to the Alton Square Mall (mostly desolate - it was Sunday evening) and wandered, then ate at El Mezcal Mexican Restaurant. Someone had a birthday:

2008-05-25-STL - ElMezcal.jpg

Godfrey is neat because you get to drive through downtown Alton to get there. Here's the bridge in Alton on our way back:

2008-05-25-STL - AltonBridge.jpg

The crazy GPS device guided us down this rollercoaster street in Alton at one point:

2008-05-25-STL - AltonStreet.jpg

I just read the suggestion to put down some kind of marker. Well, that wasn't done, so I went back and put one there. Except, I don't have a car, so I had to make a catapult and shoot it there. Oh, and it's invisible.

NEXT TIME: (We'll wear) Shirts with the md5 on them! (?!?!?!)